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Do you have a go-to-voice who has the experience and range to handle virtually any job? Someone you can count on to produce high quality, creative performances each time you call on them?

Every casting agent, studio, or client needs to have such a resource.  It's like having an ace in the hole or a secret weapon.  A voice talent who is known to possess the skill, experience and the rare creativity to apply to each project just the right flair which will transform it from mere text to a living, breathing thing imbued with the personality you had envisioned.  Winfred Henson of Voicing Images is just such a talent.

Since 1997 the voice industry has known the unique sound of Winfred Henson.  From public service campaigns to political campaigns and across the gamut of the voiceover landscape Winfred has been quietly leaving his personal stamp in style, technique and voice timbre.  Whether you’re in need of a big voice for promotions, introductions or the like or you’re looking for a quiet, gentle voice for instructing or even children's books--you've found it here at Voicing Images.

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"A serious voice talent"

Winfred is a serious voice talent. Consummately professional and experienced, Winfred is a necessary addition to our talent roster." ....Debbie Weaver, Soundscapes Studios.


"Always deliveres the effect"

In our business, client satisfaction comes first. Whenever I've scheduled Winfred he's always delivered the effect we've assured our client they'd be able to get. He has yet to disappoint us." ....Bradley Knapp, Solus Studios

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