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The range of voiceover categories which have been featured in my long history in this business is varied. Public service announcement experience concerning disaster responses came into play especially during the Katrina Hurricane of 2005. During 2008, my political advertising voice was particularly active as the decisions on which candidates to vote for became increasingly important in our historical election. Throughout this entire period I performed basic commercials for businesses and municipalities of all types.

The characteristics of my voice make me ideal for numerous project types. However it is my work background in finance and medicine which makes me the perfect candidate for voicing materials from those disciplines.

I've worked in Medicine for approximately 26 years and have grown understandably comfortable with medical terminology. This has been the language of my job in respiratory therapy for most of my working life. Considering the dynamism of the medical profession, in-house videos are often created for teaching the latest advances in CPR technique, the debut of new pharmaceuticals, or cutting-edge new technology like the Cyberknife for example. It is an area of voiceover within which I am perfectly at home.

In about 1991 I finished study in Accounting and, after a rigorous national test, secured my Certified Public Accounting credential. Financial terms are not intimidating to me since my involvement in not only accounting but also financial planning. So a discussion of GAAP changes (generally accepted accounting principles) wouldn't be dry or unexciting to me and my comfortable grasp of related terms would enable me to channel my continuing interest for the field into a lively, engrossing performance.

I must say I’m most qualified for any medical or financial voice work you need.


Medical and Accounting

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Winfred is a serious voice talent. Consummately professional and experienced, Winfred is a necessary addition to our talent roster." ....Debbie Weaver, Soundscapes Studios.


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In our business, client satisfaction comes first. Whenever I've scheduled Winfred he's always delivered the effect we've assured our client they'd be able to get. He has yet to disappoint us." ....Bradley Knapp, Solus Studios

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